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Ari Prosthodontics Services

Ari Prosthodontics in London Ontario, our services include Dental Implants, Crowns/Bridges, Veneers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Developmental Disorders, and Laser Dentistry.

• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Veneers
• Crowns/All Ceramic Crowns
• Implant Supported Crowns
• Bridges
• Complete Dentures
• Partial Dentures
• Implant Retained Dentures
• Teeth Whitening
• Developmental Disorders
• Sleep Dentistry
• Laser Dentistry
• TMJ: Jaw Joint Problems

Cosmetic Dentistry


Teeth Whitening

Developmental Disorders

Sleep Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Other Ari Dental Services

Looking for different dental services in London Ontario? We are now serving you in three different locations.
Pediatric Dentistry
• Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs)
• Tooth Colored Crowns
• Tooth Colored Fillings (Composite Resin)
• Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis)
• Fluoride Cavities (Caries)
• Early (Interceptive) Orthodontic
• Care Extractions (Tooth Removal) Pulp Treatment (Pulpotomy)
• Fissure Sealants
• Space Maintainers
• Dental Fillings
Orthodontic Treatments
• Braces
• Removable Appliances
• Orthodontic Elastics
• Retainers
• Poor Aesthetics
Periodontics Treatments
• Gum Disease and Treatment
• Pocket Reduction Surgery
• Guided tissue Regeneration
• Free and Connective Tissue Grafting
Preventive Care
• Check-Ups and Cleanings
• Adult & Infant Oral Care
• Dental Education
• Fluoride Treatment
• X-Rays (Radiographs)
Specialty Treatments
• Frenectomy
• Special Care Dentistry
• Early Orthodontic Treatment
• Airway-Focused Dentistry
• Myofunctional Therapy
• Deep Sedation
• General Anaesthesia

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With additional training, we are well-versed in providing comprehensive dental care to all age groups.

    It can be daunting to choose a dental provider for you and your family. But we’re in your corner in all aspects of the experience. We make things easy financially, so you don’t have to sort out the little details on your own.

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    Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan
    Gonca Erdemci-Tandogan
    I highly recommend Dr. Nilgun Ari. She is an excellent dentist with incredible knowledge and skills. Her exam was very comprehensive. She also took into account my whole medical history and explained everything to me in detail. I felt very confident with the treatment plans she had for me. The treatment went excellent, and I am extremely happy with the results. Dr. Ari is very gentle and caring. She pays attention to every detail and does not finish her job until she is fully satisfied that the job is flawless. She is by far the best dentist and prosthodontics I visited. Her staff were also wonderful and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Ari and Ari Prosthodontics to everyone.
    Derya Destanlı
    Derya Destanlı
    Dr. Nilgun Ari was amazing in eliminating my dentist anxiety. She informed me very well about the steps she will take and explained anything like if it's gonna hurt or I'll feel anything or not. She was also very attentive and focused for the detailed cleaning of each and every tooth. She offered the best alternatives for my overall oral care other than the solutions for my problematic tooth. She works with a wonderful team of receptionists and dental assistants who always care about patients in each visit with a smile and kindness. The clinic has beautiful facilities. They turned on a relaxing music of my choice while I waited for my turn, the chair had massaging and heating features. It helped me a lot during my anesthesia and filling! You may even ask for a blanket to keep you warm. I definitely recommend her and her clinic as a person who is highly anxious about visiting a dentist.
    Burak Tavsanli
    Burak Tavsanli
    I recently visited Dr. Nilgun Ari's dental clinic, and I am extremely happy with the experience. From the moment I walked in, the staff was friendly and welcoming. Dr. Ari is a true professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She explained everything clearly and answered all my questions with patience and care. The clinic itself is super clean, modern, and well-equipped with the latest technology. I highly recommend Dr. Ari to anyone in need of dental care. Thank you for a great experience!
    Esperanza Bohorquez
    Esperanza Bohorquez
    Thank you very much Dr. Ari! and your team made my experience coming to Ari Dentistry very pleasant . My TMJ is radically improving with the treatment that you provided, and it made me feel very grateful. You are very passionate and profesional. All the best !!
    Fatma Gokce
    Fatma Gokce
    Highly recommend Ari Prosthodontics! Dr.Nilgun Ari is very professional and caring. I have dental phobia and she made sure that I was comfortable during the whole procedure.
    Kyle Webster
    Kyle Webster
    Did a great job redoing my teeth from an accident in my childhood where I broke them. 10/10 would recommend again.
    Rosalie Ansine
    Rosalie Ansine
    Dr. Ari is very knowledgeable and respectful. She takes your overall health into consideration while doing the dental treatments. For me personally, she made the treatment plan depending upon the medications I take. She is very dedicated, strives to make the impossible possible. She is an expert at what she does. Highly recommend this clinic.
    Zisan ceylan
    Zisan ceylan
    When I went to Dr Ari, my tooth was aching and I learned that I was about to lose my tooth. Dr Ari carefully did all the things that could be done to save my tooth. It saved my tooth and I got rid of the pain. I’m so thankful to her. In addition, I did not feel any pain during the treatment. I felt very safe and comfortable. I would especially recommend those who have a dentist phobia to go.
    J K
    J K
    Dr. Ari is a dental artist. Thorough and pays a great attention to detail. Would highly recommend her for dental issues.
    Victor Williams
    Victor Williams
    Dr Ari was very meticulous and efficient. Patient care was excellent and I'm very happy with my results!

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